Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Trying to close a chapter

So I have been separated for more than 4 years and we are finally getting round to sorting out the house which will hopefully mean that I can stop paying the mortgage on a house I don't live in.

The finances are anger inducing and I am a mug for letting it go on for this long but what has really got my goat this morning is that it's now over a year since we agreed to either sell the house or he would buy me out.  In the summer he said he would like to buy me out.  He finally got a  mortgage offer at the end of November (which was £20k less than the estate agents had valued the house at in March the same year) and it looked like we were on our way.

But no, here we are 17th of February and I have found out that the mortgage resettlement statement he told me his solicitors requested was never requested.  It has been now but as I am not living at the house the figure will go to him.

I just want it settled, want to close the chapter move on with my life and stop paying for a freaking house I don't freaking live in.

Enough already.

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  1. Enough... You have been too kind: it's now time to move forward with your life (and your home!). Be strong Amanda - so many people support you



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