Sunday, 15 February 2015

Just another Sunday

I was looking for something - something I'd written a while ago.  Something I'd enjoyed and shared and then, well filed away.  In the memory ban that is the internet.....

It was lovely when I found it again and it brought back great memories of a weekend away.  It led me to have a look through this neglected blog.  You see things have moved on again,  It's two jobs later and a house move and much else has stayed the same.

I'm still a hot mess but I'm doing ok with that, I know who I am (black dog and all) and it's ok.

This weekend has been one of sorting and sitting.  After a few weekends of working to get a bid in on time this weekend I have had the chance to stop and get some things done.  Not important work, nothing that will change the world or even make it much better but things.  Things on my list, things that needed to get out of the way.  So my office has been sorted, two bags sent to the charity shop and I have rested, relaxed and restored.

It's now getting late on Sunday afternoon and I am starting to think about the week ahead.  The list in my head of what I'd like to achieve, the stuff I've been putting off (MUST must must do those bloomin expenses), the work that would mean success and progress.

So a new page in my note book, a new start to a new list and a whole pile of opportunity just waiting for me to take it.


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