Tuesday, 9 February 2010

A little trip down memory lane

I am working away from home at the moment and staying with my friend &
her family in Wantage. To get to where I am working I have to drive
through my old home town - the place where I grew up; learned to
drive; had my first kiss; had my heart broken; stayed out too late;
made friends that will last for life.

Each day is a little trip down memory lane. Things have changed (the
6th form college is now a housing estate, the rising sun sun pub where
Soph fell off the wall is now a KFC) and things stay the same.

My earliest memory is of eating a sausage ro outside the butchers on
the bridge in Newbury town centre - both the bridge and the butchers
are still there. I wonder if they still sell sausage rolls?

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