Friday, 5 March 2010

Holy Cow I have Cheekbones & Grouting

All is good, working away from home is hard but this week was fabulous - if a little tiring.

As the beautiful CP is moving to Singapore next month I am taking every opportunity I can to see her over the next month - this meant that rather than staying in lovely Wantage with KBW and family I stayed in Clapham with CP.

The journey to Basingstoke very very early Monday morning was tough but Monday night I rolled up to CP, changes into my PJs and promptly got on with helping her get the flat ready to rent out.  Removing masking tape and assistant to the Grouting was about all I could muster but I did bring a bottle of PG and a M&S pic-nic.

In bed by 10 watching the first episode of Sex in The City we turned the lights out by half past and slept for a full 8 hours (huzzah).

Tuesday I decided to support my training by walking the 2.3 miles from CP's to Clapham Junction.  It was a beautiful day so I popped my trainers on Working Girl style and headed off in the bright, crisp morning.  I managed to not get lost, pick up a three shot skinny L at Starbucks and get to the the station in time to catch the earlier train.  Arrived at the station, walked out and there was the free bus to work - perfect.

Tuesday night I went into town and met up with the lovely @InsomniacFrieze for Sushi & Cocktails.  She was looking fabulous, having just come back from holiday with her tan:

We had great service at Yo Sushi on Poland Street, but I am not converted to hot saki....I think I'll stick to wine and.........cocktails.  With this in mind we went a few doors down to the First Tuesday Members event at Milk & Honey - it was Bourbon this month so we both went for a Perfect Manhattan, followed by a Classic/Sweet Manhattan which was tastier but not as pretty:

We took some great pictures, the lighting down there worked really well with the flash, and Lo I HAVE CHEEKBONES - okay so a little gerbil pouchy but look a chin and some bones, huzzah:

Then we nipped upstairs for martini's:

Was in an addison lee just after 11 and in bed by 11.30pm.  Lovely evening only spoilt by the fact that I forgot her birthday gift - here's a picture of it (I'll have to post it at this rate):

Wednesday was another good day, I walked to the station again and whilst I missed the early train got the next one and got the bus nice and easily - I was laughed at a little at work due to my three coke can hangover but overall a good day.

By the end of the day I was exhausted - so headed back to CPs ready to assist her with the prep for her new floor on Thursday but when I got there she had already done most of it (I did manage to do the last bit so can officially say I helped).  She was feeling a bit rough so we did the only thing we could, we got half a meter of pizza delivered:

and went to bed with episode 2 of Sex in The City. 

Work is busy, really busy but great.  The people are lovely and the work is varied - just a shame it's so far away from home.  But, it looks like they are going to extend my initial contract so that's a bonus.  All in all a good week.  Shame I have to go to see the MIL this weekend but won't let that ruin my otherwise chipper mood.


  1. Sounds like you have had a great week with your friend. I am amazed you know your way around everywhere, put me up in your neck of the woods and I wouldn't have a clue!

  2. Loving those cheekbones missy! To die for! Lovely to see you and Insomniac Frieze out having a fab time x



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