Monday, 22 March 2010

A Room Of My Own

I had it confirmed today that my contract has been extended for a further 6 months to the end of October.  This mean that I could go ahead and pay the holding deposit on my own little digs.  They're not much, a converted barn that looks more like a scout hut from the outside.  One large bedroom and lounge with a separate kitchen and bathroom.  A good size and only 15 minutes from work so a great location.

I have loved staying at KBWs, it's been bloomin' marvelous having a wife and coming home to supper every night but I am really looking forward to the solitude.  I'm considering not bothering with a TV and just catching up with books or listening to the radio whilst playing on line or reading.

The kitchen is lovely in the new place, small but perfect with a new fridge, cooker & hob and a small dishwasher - perfect.  The landlords seem nice, and the rent includes council tax, water rates and electricity, I just need to buy a gas cylinder.  So fingers crossed I get past the reference hurdle and then I can get on and buy my essentials to move in after Easter.  Fingers crossed please.


  1. Everything is crossed for you my dear, good luck!

  2. Congratulations and hope it all goes well... including the trip Boston! x



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