Friday, 4 June 2010

A nice cup of tea

I love a good cup of tea, I'm personally an English Breakfast girl myself and having been brought up by a committed Tea Drinker (thanks Mum) have from a very early age appreciated a good tea.  So I was delighted when we went for afternoon tea (by we I mean Mum, me and Big Bro) to Canteen in Canary Wharf and had a lovely pot of English Breakfast - so lovely in fact that I asked the nice lady there what it was - 'Tea Pigs' she said, 'oooh where can I buy them?' said I.

'Nowhere' she said.  And with that my tea high diminished a little.  'But you should try on line', she said.  And I perked up again.

So I tootled off to Google and lo I found - I was a tad excited by this and had fun rummaging around the site and dove straight in with a BIG purchase:

I ordered the Office Bundle:
In the bundle there are:

  • 100 x english breakfast tea (or two big bags)
  • 50 x peppermint
  • 50 x darjeeling earl grey
  • 15 x mao feng green tea
  • 15 x superfruit
I also bought some Green Tea with Mint for the Boy.

The package came in a great box with the slogan Real Tea stamped over it and with a couple of samples of the Chamomile (yum yum - floral but not overly perfumey) and a card to pass to a friend telling them that their tea is rubbish and giving them a discount to join the real tea movement.  Also a discount on the Matcha Super Power Green Tea

Tea Pigs come in little silk biodegradable tea temples that allow the tea leaves to expand fully

Each pack has an individual design for the tea inside:

They are very passionate about using Whole Leaf Tea - this is what their website says:

Whole Leaf Tea

At teapigs we make a big thing about using real tea. By real tea, we mean whole leaf tea, whole leaf herbs and whole flowers. For us it’s a question of flavour.
What you get in a regular tea bag is smaller particles of the same product. In making it smaller the leaf has been handled, crushed and chopped.
Just as if you pick a wild flower and put it straight into water it stays fresh and the scent is released, if you pick a wild flower and break it down into tiny pieces nearly all the scent is lost – tea is just the same. 

And they all make a bloomin lovely cuppa, I leave my english breakfast bag in for about 4 mins and it's never bitter just smooth perfect lovely tea.   The earl grey is delicate - not lady grey delicate but now too powerful either, refreshing and clean.  The peppermint is divine - the leaves puff up completely and you're left with a tea than can only be improved by adding lashings of sugar and having in Morrocan style:

The Green tea is good, I find it a bit nobel to be honest but I know that it's good for me so have stuck with it.  The Superfruits is far too much like a desert for me, but KBW's daughter loved it and a colleague at work who likes fruit tea said it was perfect.  All in all a positive result.

 Even the Mum the Tea Master and KBW who would run her a very very close second agree.

TeaPigs Office Bundle is £39.90 with free P&P - that's 17p per cup of tea.  Or if you're like me and tend to stick to one type the English Breakfast tea is 19p per cup for 50 bags  (P&P is only free once you've spent over £25).

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