Sunday, 20 June 2010

Where did the time go?

Blimey has it really been two weeks? Work has been very busy and the weekends have passed with a blur.  The TV at home seems to be stuck on either BBC HD or ITV HD and the World Cup - my conversations with The Boy seem to be limited to half time or full time and I am missing him a bit.

However, he loves football and I knew that when I hitched myself to that wagon so no complaints here.

So, what have I been up to.  Well there was another trip to Geneva, then we went to Scarborough for the weekend - the weather wasn't great but The Boy and I had a great night out (here we are before the wine  was consumed):

The next day I indulged my love for Asparagus once more with parma ham, roasted asparagus and poached duck eggs (on nom nom nom):

I made gifts for my friend who's baby girls is due soon:

Inspired by the pretty fabric I finally got around to making myself a dress from some fabric I bought last year.  I am so pleased with the result and wore it to work on Tuesday with a little red cardigan - many compliments were made:

So here I am again, two weeks later.  We've been to the coast again this weekend - making use of the flat we have there as we promised we would this year.  Today is chore day but not too much cooking at The Boy is in London for two days and Glasgow for two days so he only need food one night.  I have a pile of ironing and am back down south this evening but that's okay.  The weather is a little disappointing but the good news is that we are off to see Mum & Dad next weekend and their weather is fab - huzzah time to warm our bones.

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