Sunday, 8 August 2010

The Liberty Hotel - Boston, USA

This week I've been away with work; I was in Philadelphia for 3 days then up to Boston for a day.  In Phily I was in an anonymous Crown Plaza hotel, at The King of Prussia Mall - more about that another time.  The Crown Plaza was fine, made better by the brilliant barman Dan who made my drinks without asking what I wanted (after the first order) and when he was packed busy the next night just made me a G&T and passed it through the crowd so I didn't have to wait.  After the otherwise dullness by the time I got to Boston I was really looking forward to The Liberty.

I was originally booked in to The Westin in Waltham, it's fine - perfectly fine but it's big and corporate and when traveling alone is not exactly comfortable in my opinion.  I was talking to a colleague and she said that I should go to The Liberty that the company has a rate there so it's an approved hotel.  I am so very glad I took her advice.

The Liberty is in downtown Boston, a walk away from all the great places and is in an old jail.  It's a boutique style hotel, but large, as well as being a very busy night spot - the two bars were buzzing when I arrived at 8.30pm on a hot and humid Wednesday night.

On arrival you are given a glass of champagne before going to your room, and what a lovely room it is.  I was in The Tower part of the hotel, only on the 3rd and but had a great floor to ceiling window, so just about had a view if I crooked my neck a bit.  The room was classic boutique hotel:

my sort of mini bar

and a great bathroom with fab mirrors & lovely Molton Brown products

and I would muchly like one of these for my bath

After changing I went downstairs to The Clink restaurant - you see what they did there, one of many Jail style touches including a do not disturb door sign that reads 'Solitary'.  I had a vodka martini (not quite dry enough for my liking) with beef carpaccio which was melt in the mouth tasty but a few too many capers, followed by parpadalle with a lamb ragu which was tasty tasty tasty just a tad too salty.  The service was excellent and the crowd bubbling but not rowdy.  Shame that the food was a little 'over done', not over cooked just not quite there.

I then went to the main lobby bar for another Martini, much better this time served by a very handsome barman who was polite but busy chatting to his slightly drunk room mate (who as I understand it was moving out and was going to miss the beer exchange and pizza night.....).  They had every bottle behind the bar you could think of and even make their own infusion of bourbon (Markers Mark infused with a vanilla tobacco which smelt amazing when over ice).

Remembering the Martini rule, I said my goodnights and went back to my room.  Just before the lift doors closed the actor Michael Cera  (in case you are saying Who?)  jumped in - I was a little star struck to be honest having just been watching one of his films the weekend before with The Boy.  He was very polite, asked where I was from and then we wished each other a good night - if only I had been on a higher floor I am sure we would be BFFs by now.

Breakfast was served in the room and was massive, I had pancakes with a side of bacon and scrambled eggs - there was enough for two possibly three.  I managed about half of it - but then couldn't move for quite some time.....

Overall my experience at The Liberty was great - I would strongly recommend it if you're in Boston for business or on a City break.  The prices were not silly and the location and decor made it a great treat.

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