Friday, 13 August 2010

Things I bought in Philly

Still not sleeping very well which is annoying as when I first got back I was all puffed up and proud as I thought I had escaped the jet lag.....ah well.

When in Philadelphia last week I was staying opposite the King of Prussia mall so after work on Monday I skipped across the car park from the hotel to have a nosy and to pick up some things for The Boy.  

First stop was the pharmacy for some over the counter drugs - they really so have much better pain killers available there don't they.  Then in I went.  I had a plan I needed to get to Kheils and Lacoste for The Boy and they were on the same floor and section of the mall so that was my aim.

However, best laid plans and all that as the sales were still on so I did quite a bit of browsing before landing in Michael Kors.  I love Michael Kors clothes - they seem to me to be made for real women, you know those that have a body that's reflects actually having enjoyed life a bit.  I had always assumed that it was out of my price range but was more than pleasantly surprised that his diffusion line was very reasonable and that they had a sale on........oh dear oh dear.  As I walked in the beautiful store, (light, airy, soft music, shiny things) they nices sales assistant said hello and just let me browse a bit.  As I was working my way back, she just passed me and said - 'sorry the place is a bit of a mess we are just re-arranging as many more items went on sale today'.  Kerching - SALE.  They were putting loads of bags on the shelves at the front of the store as they were on sale - not end of the line naff but some beautiful MK bags....if I hadn't just invested in a bag I would have been tempted but managed to hold myself back.

However, I did buy a fabulous top:

(not great quality photo's I'm afraid as taken with phone)

I also bought a black jersey dress, it has a sort of cowl neck, drape and a little ruching at one side.  Perfect no crease dress for travelling (I wore it for the flight home)

Both the dress and the top were $89 dollars.  I also bought some shoes but have no picture so will have to sort that.

I then went to Kheils and Lacoste for The Boy - both shops had the items he wanted for the same price in dollars as in pounds and there was no purchase tax either so with the exchange rate up around the 158 mark it was a good value trip.

I had a bit more of a wander around and bought three pairs of jeans from Old Navy - whilst they are not the best quality in the world they were reduced to $19 a pair so even after the exchange charge on my bank card I got three pairs for about £38.  I got two skinny pairs, one dark one lighter denim and one boot cut.  It's so nice to have a pair of jeans that actually fit - one of the things I love about shopping in he US is that the sizes are much lower numbers - so a UK size 16 is a US size 12 - this makes me very happy.

Then I went to J Crew - oh my they had their autumn stock in and there were some truly lovely items but I stuck to basics and this is what I got:


All in all a great success.

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  1. I want the whole bloody lot! Some fantastic pieces there honey!



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