Saturday, 28 August 2010

Time for a mid year review

well well well here we are nearly at the start of a new term and I have found myself reading back and it's time for a mid year review.  So lets start with:


I love the job I'm doing, love the company and the work.  Have made some really good friends and think that they may offer me a perm role.  This is a challenge as it's 200 miles away from home so would mean continuing to live away Monday to Thursday - most weeks that's fine as I like to have my own space but The Boy is getting a bit grumpy about it.  I think in honesty it was the off season that made him a bit bored but now that the footie is back on he won't even notice I'm not here (as long as there's food in the fridge).


Well I am 2.5 stone down and much happier still a bit to go but it's all going well.  I completed the Moonwalk and have been an occasional gym attendee, but it's all heading in the right direction.  Walking helps and the new friends I've made at work are great.


In all honesty I think I have accepted that this isn't going to happen for me.  I'm 38 soon, and a contractor - not really the greatest situation.  So whilst there is an element of heartbreak I am coming to terms with the reality that I will not be a Mum.  It hurst and saddens me, but it's the reality of the situation.


Well the baby decision has knocked me for six the last few months, a lot of thinking and to-ing and fro-ing and the black mood has descended slightly.  I am not keeping in touch with old friends, not on here much or on twitter.  Finding other ways to pass my time.  I'm okay just licking my wounds a bit, boosting my ego and concentrating on work.

So what's next - well still doing the clutter stuff, still losing weight, be the best I can be at work and emerge from this short black period and pay some more attention to my ever patient friends (they know who they are).

So new uniform, new bag, fresh pens and opportunity, new beginning - love that new term feeling.

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  1. Well Done on the weight loss Hun! How have you done it, I could do with some tips!
    As for the baby, you never know, it could happen when you least expect it and I hope it will, cause you would make a great Mum xxx



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