Saturday, 20 October 2012

40th Birthday Afternoon (Gin) Tea

It was London Cocktail week recently and whilst I couldn't get to any of the bar events that week I did manage to go to a Ginstitute with my brother and Helen from the office.

We tottered down to Seven Dials for our 6pm class run by our Gin Instructor Mr Jake F Burger (you can read a bit more about him here (paywall)) and our small class of five settled down to learn more about Gin.  We were served with a lovely fresh Tom Collins made with their very own Portobello Gin (which you could buy on the day to take home).

We learned about the basics - and the need for Gin to be predominantly juniper in flavour then he led us through the various botanicals, spices, peppers and fruits and then a few surprises including a distillate made from Tea.....

We then got to blending our own which was signed off by the Ginstructor and sealed up to take home - the blend is recorded and kept on file (see mine CW004) so you can re-order as and when.

Helen, Jon and I made very different Gins - Helen's was a perfect sophisticated Martini blend - clean with a great kick at the end, whilst Jon's was robust and spicey - a perfect for Christmas Martini's.

Mine is more delicate and makes a lovely refreshing G&T.

If you fancy it then you can find out more here I'll be sharing mine with friends as part of my 40th Birthday celebrations next month.  In the mean time I'm enjoying the Portobello Gin; chin chin x

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