Friday, 26 October 2012

A few fab things for Christmas

I know its still two months away but sometimes getting in early is the way forward (those of you that know me will find this hard to read...)

Some ideas for what to buy people

Personalised 'Your Top Twenty Songs' Print

personalised 'your top twenty songs' print by milly's cottage | - £34, what a fab idea for someone who loves their music.

Wild Thyme - Light Green

Want yo do your  bit for Bees but a full on bee hive a bit too much of a committment?  Well how about a Bee hotel? - £19.95 for one tier, but scroll down for the more delux 2 and 3 tier hotels!

A Pair And A Spare

He always needs socks right? So here's an answer to the missing sock dilema - - £12

Personalised Puppy Dog Print

Have a canine friend who is the best thing since sliced bread?  Then this is perfect for £29.50, you can personalise the breed and text

Personalised Robot And Dog T Shirt

Or a little person who love the doggie? £19 for this personalised t-shirt

Audley Olive Hand-Quilted Waterproof Dog Coat

And for the stylish pooch him (or her) self £45

Personalised Family Tree Papercut

This personalised family tree is a lovely gift for friends its not cheap at £55 but I think its lovely.

Cake Slice Club

Want something that keeps on giving - look the Cake Slice Club will deliver a slice a cake a month for 3 or 6 months (£18.50 or £36)

An alternative to dundee cake and marmalade for Gran - look at this:

Cake And Mulled Wine Christmas Gift Box for £24 this is a great gift and they have some other fab afternoon tea box sets too.

Right I am off to start my Christmas shopping.  Enjoy!

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