Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Today was not a bad day (so far)

Today I am working from home, catching up on everything that needs to be done and getting weighed in at Fat Club. So I decided to cycle to Fat Club (burn every last calorie I could) so had the dilemma of a cycling outfit - it is a beautiful autumn day and too wrapped up I would sweat buckets and not wrapped up enough I would be too too cold. So I settled on, M&S Leggings, Ugg shorties, stripy French Connection t-shirt dress, bright green coat (always good to be seen) and a lovely chunky cable knit beret.

I cycled to the squash club and got weighed in and HUZZAH I lost 4lbs (it wavered between 3.5 and 4 but woot woot) which after I have eaten what I've eaten (see here) is bloomin good news.

So to reward myself I stopped in the market on my way home and treated myself to a non-food treat:

They smell fantastic and look so pretty.

So far so good......

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  1. Gorgeous flowers and well done you !! What fat club are you in ? I have never been to one in my life never had a weight problem unless pregnant or on tablets . I have gained ten pounds on my medication which I have now stopped taking , cold turkey I may add. But need a plan one that works .. Do you recommend it?



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