Saturday, 3 October 2009

The Cloth House, Berwick Street

Oh my, oh my what a beautiful place. As I have mentioned I have recently began sewing a lot and am really enjoying it so last week after using my Liberty voucher (thank you lovely people at Liberty) to buy material (this, this & this) I went to Milk & Honey to meet the Lovely CP for drinks and saw The Cloth House on Berwick street. It was closed but I decided there and then that I would be going back.

So yesterday, I was in Fancy London and had the day to myself. After meeting the lovely InsomniacFrieze for tea & cake (well I had tea and a scone, she had coffee was very restrained by not finishing a slice of lemon drizzle cake) in Selfridges I went on a little shopping jolly and made my way to Berwick Street - an oh my.

I didn't have my camera with me so will have to rely on my limited descriptive skills but it was beautiful. It's a very bright and light shop with rows and rows of rolls of fantastic material. I was a little laden down with shopping bags so didn't go downstairs but went into the back to browse amongst the poplin, linens and other beautiful materials.

So I bought some lovely linen and some sublime ribbon which I will use to make Christmas gifts so can't show pictures. I can't wait to go back once I have planned some more projects or just to spend some more time looking through the lovely merchandise.

I'll be back lovely Cloth House, you may very well be one of my new favourite places.

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