Friday, 11 February 2011

A list for boys of things girls like......

So KBW and I are having a Friday night girls night and it's time to make some lists (yes you know who you are that started the list writing...).

So we thought we'd start with  A List For Boys of Things Girls Like - what with it being Valentines and all it may be of some use.

So here goes, lets start simple


Antique Rose Hat Box from The Real Flower Company

Yes I know it may be old hat and that it's been done before but we really like flowers - but seriously garage flowers NO no no no not even for your Mum. KBW prefers all the same no mixed bouquets , a massive bunch of either Lilies, Roses, Peonies, Tulips etc.  PCB is open to a nice hand tied bouquet BUT in tonal shades not loads of brights or fakes. And boy NEVER red & white (only for a funeral and even then if you must only roses).  If in doubt this is the place to shop


Whilst Dairy Milk has it's place when buying a gift for some one you love (or who's pants you want to get inside) it's not the answer.  The answer, young Jedi's according to KBW, is Pink Champagne Truffles from Charbonnel et Walker:

Me I'm more of a Rococo gal, Chicchi de Cafe are my fave but look at this fab choice for Valentines (Hot Lips Chili truffles and red lips):


Ok - this is a lot about personal style.  KBW and I have very different styles (and body shapes) so we'll give you both of our recommendations BUT boys, please....never ever Ann Summer - it's itchy scratchy and wrong wrong wrong.

KBW first :  Myla, Myla Myla and if you're feeling particularly flush La Perla Black Label (but you may need a 2nd mortgage):

La Perla (

and now PCB:  Well I love both of KBWs choice but I'm a bit more of a What Katie Did gal:

Most importantly get the size right - just sneak in her drawer when she's out or downstairs or something and check the size of her favourite undies - you can't go wrong.


Diamonds - nuff said......

No seriously - girls love diamonds but if you're looking for something a little more in budget I suggest either Links of London (and right now they have a really cute Fortune Teller to down load) or Wright & Teague......or look on their sites and go and get something similar:

Links of London 20/20 collection

Wright & Teague Gala Bangles

So that's the obvious out of the way!

So what else do girls like, well it depends on the girl so we'll be back with our individual views.

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