Sunday, 27 February 2011

Things I do now.....

......I live alone.

So if you follow my blog or know me you will know that I am now living alone - this is really only the first time in my life I have truly lived alone.  I have lived alone during the week before but never really had my own place.  Whilst its taking a bit of getting used to I have to admit I love it.

I am doing things that make me happy and that I like.  For example I have diptyque candles and light them most days, I cook and eat fish, I watch Glee in the lounge on the big TV, I have fresh flowers and today I stepped it up a gear.

Before today the only DVDs I owned here were Mad Men Seasons 1-3 and the complete Sex In the City (I'm a 38 year old woman what did you expect), but today i have bought a number of DVDs that I would never have been allowed time to watch at home.  I now own The Notebook, Nine, Sunset Boulevard, Sweet Charity, The King & I, South Pacific, Oklahoma, The Pajama Game, Easter Parade, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Roman Holiday, Annie Get Your Gun, Fame (the original) & Some Like it Hot.

I have a pork belly roasting, a tub of half baked and a bottle of sauvignon blanc........I should be ironing but may not get round to it, I mean it can wait can't it!

Happy Sunday.


  1. Enjoy your DVD's, like it was for you, somebody else always has control of the remote in this house. I have to get up early to watch what I record.

  2. Good for you Sweets. There are many things to be cherished about living alone and it's surprising how quickly we adapt when circumstances force us to. Am proud of you... and love the red locks by the way! xxx



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