Tuesday, 1 February 2011


After over a week away, too many airports and too many gins I am home.

I am tired, but woke at 3.30 as my body has no fraking clue what time it is.  Sure I'll fly away for the weekend hours after landing back from the US....different airport you say, sure no problem.  I'll just drive for two hours after landing from Philly rather than get a car back to my nice comfortable home.

I've returned home to a tidy, cold but empty fridge place.  The garage has run out of milk but my brother was coming so I needed to get home.  I had gin all was fine.

So here I am 5.30am, it's cold and my various bags and cases are still in the car.  I can't get into my room to turn the heating on early as my brother is in there and I have no milk so can't make tea.

I am jet lagged, a little hungover and cold.

First day in the office for over a week today - wonder what joys are in store, couldn't face turning the crackberry on when I got back yesterday so may just play it by ear and wing the first few hours (to be fair this wouldn't be the first time).

But can't get ready and get in early as brother is in my room where my black dresses are kept.   I could get the bags out of the car - is it still -2.5 out there?

Coffee it is then - if only to have something warm to hold to take the chill off.

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