Saturday, 8 August 2009

Am I a Feminist?

To be honest I'm not really sure. You see I'm not book smart or particularly well read, I didn't go to University. I am not an activist, don't belong to any groups (other than the online community) am married in a 3 bed semi in a suburban market town with my estate car and surrounded by shoes.

But am I a feminist? Well it really depends on what you consider the credentials to be? Do I believe that men and women should be equal, treated equally and respect each other? Of course I do. If I see misogyny does it rile me and annoy me? Of course it does. Do I believe that a woman can do everything a man can do in the work place and should be paid equally? Yes yes yes. When I read an article like this by Tanya Gold does it make me spit feathers and nod my head in agreement? Without hesitation.

However, and here's the rub, does the fact that I cook all my husbands meals, do his ironing, do the bulk of the cleaning around the house make me less of a feminist? Does the fact that I own over 100 pairs of shoes, lots of lovely makeup and beautiful dresses make me less of a feminist? Does the fact that I care what my husband thinks I look like and will (occasionally) choose to wear something I know he likes make me less of a feminist?

You know what I don't think so.

So when I read this article by Janice Turner after being pointed to it by India Knight on Twitter it made me think. I am liberated and I am grateful for the women who over the years have fought for that liberations. I support Harriet Harman and the new equality bill and I believe that my friends daughters will have it even better than I have - but the 'fight' is not won. Women are still under-represented in senior positions of influence (the army, judiciary, police force, City, parliament) and those that have made it often get a hard time; women are still not paid equally. So we (yes all of us) must continue to fight for equality, educate the younger generation.

SoI guess at the end of it all - yes I am a Feminist, and you know what I'm proud to be one.

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