Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Choosing My Attitude

So despite still not having a job, having only lost a few lbs and not sticking very well to my move more eat less diet, fabulously described by MTFF here I am feeling very positive.

So I am back to choosing my attitude. It's simple really, I can be a grump, one woman pity party or I can choose to be positive & optimistic.

So instead of burying myself in a packet of dark chocolate digestive biscuits when I get another rejection (though this time at least they didn't say that I was the wrong fit- rather than they are going to resource it in house initially and may come back to me if they need help and that they liked me) I am going to be optimistic that there will be a job out there for me soon - that I have had the benefit of two months off now, two months of being quite lazy and selfish and recharging my batteries. I am now ready to take on the world.

So I have sorted out the shit-tip that is now back to being my functioning office, tidied the spare room so that people can actually come and stay in a pleasant clean room without having to climb over assorted boxes, shoes & clothes. My kitchen is clean (even the oven), my shoes are sorted (all those lovely shoes I forgot about to be worn again), clothes are dry cleaned, mended and all hanging or folded as appropriate.

My fridge is full of lovely fresh food (had the most fabulous broad bean, pea & asparagus salad last nigh with herbs from the garden) and I am actually looking forward to the gym in an hour.

So today I am choosing Optimism, Joy and to love and be loved. Today is a good day.

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