Wednesday, 19 August 2009


So we are on our way for a whistlestop visit to Barcelona. We drove to
East Midlands airport this morning and are now on the plane somewhere
over France (though obv this won't be posted until after we land).

We are going to see Manchester City play Barcelona at The Nou Camp.
The Boy has wanted to see a game there for ages and we were thinking
about trying tocome over and see one of their less popular home games
but to see our team play them is great. Almost makes up for not going
to NYC for his 40th (almost) so we have 24 hrs in beautiful Barca -
just enough time for some tapas, cava, dancing and The Boy finding
some exclusive trainer shop he found on line.

I am still full of cold but dosed up - if has meant though that my
ears have suffered during this flight; hopefully that will sort itself
out shen we land.

Listening to a great podcast from Daptone Jukebox.

Ooh preparing for landing time to belt up and turn off. Will post more

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