Friday, 7 August 2009

Marathon Cleaning Session in Planning

So a few weeks ago my Mum phoned to tell me that as she didn't know when I was going to next go over to see them she was coming to see me. She would arrive on the 12th and be here until the 15th. No discussion, no questions - a statement. I have since found out that she has booked in with her hairdresser on the Friday, lucky coincidence or all part of the bog plan.

But here we are the weekend before they come over for the visit and this weekend will involve some major deep cleaning. I'm going to have the day off today, going to the gym, collecting my specs from the opticians and meeting The Boy for lunch, stocking up on tights (back to work next week) and buying something nice for supper (wonder if M&S are doing the £10 meal deal). Think I will get some new wool as well as I have just finished my last knitting project,time to move on from Scarves, perhaps a shrug?

I'm really looking forward to seeing M&D, we went over in May and speak all the time but it's not the same as seeing them (they used to live 6 miles away). Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on perspective) I start work after a 2.5 month hiatus the day after they arrive so won't be spending as much time with them as I had hoped (I also have to be away overnight on the Thursday night) but will still see them. My Brother's are off to Paris today and M&D are getting the TGV up tomorrow to meet them - I was really jealous but now I know that they are coming to see me next week I'm just jealous of Paris.

this has become a ramble.......

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