Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Sometimes I'm a little bit dumb

So I got a call this morning (shortly after writing the blog below) saying that the job I thought I might have got a month ago I definitely got and that they want me to start on the 13th. Great news - you'd thunk so huh.....well silly me I said that's great new but I need to be upfront my husband has arranged for us to go to Barcelona for 2 days on 19th & 20th, hope that this will be okay.

I quickly backtracked and explained that if it was a problem I just wouldn't go to Barca as I wanted the job but the agent didn't seem very positive about it all. So I have now been waiting all day to hear back that all is good. I have been to the gym, eaten healthily, bought the other bits and bobs I needed to get from B&Q - but am now sat here waiting.

The sensible side of me knows that this is not a problem, obviously I would love to go to Barca with The Boy but I need to work so if I can't go then so be it. However, I wish I had kept my trap shut!

Ah well, I am not going to let it mess my day up. It won't be a problem. Worse case I won't get to go to Barca, best case I will. Either way I believe that I will be back in the world of work on 13th August (just as M&D arrive for a short visit but hey) for at least 8 weeks. Huzzah!

Just that little voice inside, wait until I get it in writing & until I get the call back saying that it's not a problem.

Ah well, onwards.

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