Saturday, 23 January 2010

and Today we Sew

I had a brilliant time with Wendy yesterday afternoon; she taught me a knew way to cast on and made me feel much more confident about the sock knitting.  I am making great strides with my first pair and will start on the baby pairs for my expectant friends next week.

Today, however, we sew.  When I was in London this week I nipped into The Cloth House on Berwick street and picked up some beautiful blue paisley which I am making into a Tootle style scarf for Mr PCB.  The scarf itself shouldn't take to long but the tassels may be a different matter as I have never made them before.  Will post pictures later.


  1. OMG I absolutely LOVE those fabric shops on Berwick Street, I used to pass them every day when I worked in Broadwick Street. Look forward to seeing the picture of the scarf and will also peruse your knitting post - my 5 year old daughter wants to learn to knit and I haven't a CLUE where to start!

  2. I'm so bad at knitting, my mum taught me but she doens't know how to mend mistakes either so if I go wrong it all has to go!
    My fashion lecturer is super amazing at it though, she's so quick and precise and has one amazing collection of needles of all shapes and sizes!

    Florrie x



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