Tuesday, 5 January 2010

[Everyday is a] Snow Day

The view from my bedroom window this morning

It's snowing in Pontecarlo again.  Not the big 50p size flakes from Christmas Eve but constant pea sized flakes which are settling and whilst from here in my bedroom (yep that's right I am back in bed with my lapdog) it looks very pretty.

I did not have a great nights sleep, after eating lunch very late yesterday I couldn't face supper so had a Protein Shake.  I didn't really think this through though and the one I had also contained Caffeine - so yep that was me watching TV at 2.30am and playing some cloud in the sky game on FB.

Eventually I started to feel tired so came to bed thinking that I would get a lie in this morning as I am out of work at the moment so have nowhere to be.  Well Mother Nature had other ideas, it started snowing about 5am and hasn't really stopped, this meant that The Boy didn't want to drive into Leeds and I needed to take him to Glass-Huffton to get the train to work.  Normally this would be fine but today it's not - I am tired, very very tired, it's snowing and his car is blocking mine in, his car has rear wheel drive and really doesn't like the snow.

Not enough time to change cars so off we pop.  Okay, the journey to the station wasn't too bad.  Painfully slow with some people driving no more than 15 mph - I understand this but it frustrates some people so much that they then drive silly.  Sensible driving people - not bring the town to a fracking stand still.  Anyway I digress, a little bit skiddy but got him there in time for his train and headed home.   This is where is all got a bit sticky - I proceeded to skid all the way up the hill past the Haribo factory due to having to overtake a lorry that had just given up halfway up the hill.  Thankfully the van behind me could see I was having a nightmare and kept his distance (then when he pulled along beside me at the  lights asked if I was okay - bless).  Eventually I got home and then skidded on the drive way so badly I thought I was going to crash into the garage - I didn't but there was some sticky moments there.

I am home now, and am going to take full advantage of being out of work (and not yet panicking about it) and take a snow day.  I am back in bed (I didn't have to get changed as I took The Boy to the station in my PJs with a big coat & boots on - thankfully I didn't have to get out of the car....) I have coffee, I have magazines (January Red, December Zest, December/January Jamie Magazine), I have my lap top, I have my phone.  That's it - I'm in for the day.

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