Monday, 4 January 2010

So 2010

It's the New Year, it's a time of new term, new start, diets and detox for many of us - me included.

This year my goals are simple to say but quite BIG and scary.

1 - loose weight 4stone at least (you can read about my exploits here if you like - )

2 - Train for and Complete the Moonwalk in around 6 hours in May ( go on, sponsor me you know you want to  - )

3 - make my house and office somewhere that encourages success and productivity; despite having had some major clear outs it's still a shit tip so there needs to be more done.  I need to be less emotional about stuff and make more room for me (and The Boy natch).

4 - Get Pregnant, STAY pregnant.  This is easier said than done.  So I am splitting it into two parts.  First few months of the year is about loosing weight and getting the all clear from the GP/Gynae.  I need to firstly register with a GP (whoops) then have a serious chat about what I would like to happen and what I need to do to make it so.  So part 2, getting pregnant has never been a problem for me - however staying pregnant is a whole different going to work with my GP to do everything I can to give me (us) the best chance.

So that's it - the big picture of 2010.  I have smaller aims too, more crafty stuff, some sweet making (using that fab sugar thermometer I got for Christmas) and spending good time with friends and The Boy.

All in all I am looking forward to 2010 - a whole new decade.  In 1999 I got together with The Boy and it's been a great first decade together, it's not all been a bed of roses with a number of challenges over the years but we are as strong now if not more so than we were at the beginning of 2000.

So 2010 - welcome, here I am and I'm ready for you.  Jumping in with both feet.

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  1. Good luck with your goals for the year, I wish you every success xx



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