Monday, 31 May 2010

Countdown is progressing

In four weeks time I will be at my folks house in France for two weeks of laziness.  We are driving down this time so no need to worry about  bloomin Ryan Air's weight limits or the extra charges to take a suitcase on Easy Jet.  Just need to pack up the car and head on down.

This morning I was up early despite it being a bank holiday and logged on to Twitter only to see a new blog post by the ever stylish Mademoiselle Robot linking to a fabulous site for vintage inspired swim wear, For Luna 

So I popped off there to have a little look and ended up seriously stretching my flexible friend (using that terms ages me right?) and purchasing a few things.  I'll photograph and post when they arrive but I am very excited about having swimwear that a) fits, b) is stylish & c) meets my desire for a 1940s/50s look.  Huzzah.  Here's a taster for now:

Still at home as it's bank holiday, will head back down south this evening for work tomorrow (and the gym first thing indeed).

Today thought going to crack on with a few chores, tidy up the clothes and bags on the bed in the spare room, conquer the ironing mountain and finish potting up the baskets and pots in the garden.

Have some shopping to share with you later in the week (including two wildly different but both perfect for their intended use bags) and a lovely Shoe Tag from Fab In Your Forties to catch up with - so I should be back quite a bit.


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  1. Can't wait to see your new stuff and the shoes in your tag! Enjoy the rest of the weekend honey x



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