Monday, 24 May 2010

Sunshine, Blue Sky

'Sunshine, blue sky' he shouts at 5.30am.  But she doesn't mind.  It's Monday morning and the first time for a while that she has been at home on a Monday when it's a work day.  And the Sun is shining and the sky is blue.

The Boy is going out for an early morning run, but he leave the curtains slightly ajar as he knows she likes to see the sky as she starfishes in the bed.

20 minutes of snoozing, then she'll get up and face the day.  20 minutes of mental prep, planning that email, the packing, the cooking she needs to do.  There's a very slight breeze and it's too early for the sound of traffic so it's almost like being on holiday.  Like the lovely early mornings in Crete before the day starts, she can tell how warm the day will be, how she can breathe the air and smell the sea.

She can hear him coming back now, time to get up and make the coffee.  One more deep, new day, clean breath and she's be ready to face the day.  Ready to live her pretty blessed life.

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