Monday, 24 May 2010

A Few New Shoes

I am working at home today, and popped into town at lunchtime to pay a cheque into the bank and passed by The Shoe Room, in Pontefract and thought I would pop in.  A little browse turned into three pairs of shoes:

So pair number one, £49 - a little kitsch but perfect for me:

But then I saw these (you may see a theme) - originally £57 but she knocked them down to £42 as there was a jewel fallen off one of them:

And then I was just about to leave and then I saw these......they were the most expensive at £70 but are just perfect:

Not sure what happened to that last pic - but lovely aren't they.

I think they will see me through the summer, as they all work with work dresses, jeans and maxi dresses.  Then also make me taller and stand straight so look slimmer - perfect.


  1. Three pairs at once? You naughty girl! they are all lovely!

  2. My latest pair are nautical themed striped wedges!! I wore them out yesterday.
    I do rather like that last pair! Actually they're all really nice :)

    Florrie x

  3. Loving those missus, and I am also covetting your nail varnish - what is it???? Utterly Butterlyxx



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