Friday, 7 May 2010

Sleeping is Cheating

As you know (I have after all been banging on about it for months) I am walking a marathon in my bra through the night in less than two weeks and need to stay up all night.  It will be the first all nighter I will have done for a while.

I mean there was the infamous Sequingate but since then I have been rather well behaved.  As a result to prepare myself for the Moonwalk I decided to stay up and watch the election. To be honest I didn't do too badly, managed to stay up until about 3.30am then awake again at 6am.  So far my eyes are still open, my body is still working.  I am starving and have no clue what to eat but otherwise not too bad.

As a result I feel much less worried about the through the night element of the moonwalk.....the 26.2 miles is another story.

If you'd like to sponsor me in my foolishness excellent adventure please do go here thanks everso. xx

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