Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Lists, lists, lists

I'm a list maker. At work, at home it's all about the lists. Currently
I have the following lists weighing me down:

Work list 1 - things that are in the intray and people are waiting for

Work list 2 - projects and good to do activities

Home list 1- things to do around the house (it has now been over 8
months that those frames have been waiting to be out up)

Home list 2 - chores for the next few weeks

Me list - my measurements

Me list 2 - my aims and targets

Me list 3 - where I want to be (very similar to list 2 but more detail)

Scout hut list - things to do at the scout hut

I also have lists if expenses, sewing projects, knitting projects,
people to phone/write to, blog to write.

Seriously, how much more could I get done if I stopped writing the
lists. A useful tool or another way to procrastinate?

1 comment:

  1. I have to write lists but I forget everything otherwise. My problem is I do them on old envelopes and scraps of paper which I then lose!



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