Saturday, 8 May 2010

You don't bring me flowers.....

I've been married 9 years this month.  It's been a marathon not a sprint with highs and low but I still Love The Boy a silly amount and know that being with him makes me feel right.

However, The Boy has never bought me flowers, not once.  Not when we were courting, not when I have been successful at something or even when I have been so low and down that I need more than chocolate and a hug.

But, for our 5th wedding anniversary he asked me what I wanted and I wanted something that would last, something that was beautiful and that every time I looked at it I was reminded of the love I have.  At around the same time I was talking about my desire for a Cherry Tree.  I have never lived anywhere long enough to have a tree, we move 9 time s before I was 19 and since then I have lived in 8 more houses at least.  Clever boy bought me exactly what I wanted.  It's about four years old now and last year we had a good to handfuls of cherries and the blossom looks good this year.

So yes, he doesn't bring me the temporary, wilting, beutiful in the moment but a beauty that fades flowers.  Instead my love brings me annual joy, growing strength and a gift that bears fruit - not a bad trade on I think you'll agree.

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  1. Its beautiful! I only had flowers when we were courting, never since and been married 10 years!



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