Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sunday on my mind

Now that I'm living away during the week Sunday has take on a
different kind of feel. Instead of being about relaxing, restoring and
enjoying our down time, it is about planning, chores and getting ready
to leave.

I am really enjoying my work and like my little home away from home
but it does mean that I have to get super organised each week. What
meals does the boy need for the week; what is the weather going to be
like so what additional clothes will I need; is the washing and
ironing done; have I sorted all my post/banking.

So Sunday becomes about leaving and rather than becoming more relaxed
through the day I build up to the three hour drive south. There's
talk that I may be able to start working at home Monday and Friday so
I would get my Sundays back. That would be nice.

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